Meet Magento 2018 – human recap

At least once a year, Osijek is the place to be, at least if you’re involved with Magento like we are. Like last year, this year we also attended Meet Magento Croatia organized by Inchoo. And, like last year, we weren’t let down – the agenda was packed with content, from highly technical topics to panels […]

CMS Page Tree

Want to have guides for your products online, a blog made of regular CMS pages, or just have the ability to add multiple layers of CMS pages in a structured manner? CMS Page Tree Hierarchy can help you leverage the most of Magento’s CMS system. By purchasing this extension, you gain the ability to structure CMS pages however you […]

CMS Pages in Menu

Content is an important part of any website – online stores are no exception. With the ability to add CMS pages to top navigation, you can now direct customers to any CMS page you wish – whether that’s a contact page, a list of your brick and mortar stores, or a landing page for your new collection. Upon installation, […]