We can help you at any stage of you e-commerce business.
Here's what we can do for you.

Magento development
Magento 2 development

From start to finish

So you want to sell online?
Say no more!
With years of experience building solutions on Magento and Magento 2 platforms , we are here to provide reliable development of your future store.

Magento to Magento 2 migrations


We all like having the newest toy in the neighbourhood, but what about years of data you have stored in your existing Magento store?
We can migrate everything, down to the size of shoes your customers are wearing. During the migration process, we'll go through the modules you have installed on your existing Magento store and suggest alternatives for Magento 2, or removal, in case they aren't used.

Magento modules
Magento 2 modules

Build me just that one thing I need

You have that one thing that you can't find a module for? Wether that's payment integration, shipment module, or some new idea nobody thought of?
WOOM can specify and develop that as a custom module, exactly by your requirements. Tell us more!

Technical Audits

Why so slow?

"Agh, this store is so slow - I don't have time for this *closes tab*". Don't let this be a quote from your customers - provide them with the best possible experience.
Now, more than ever, it's critical your store runs well, because your customers have plenty of online stores to buy from.
Both Magento and Magento 2 are complex systems that need careful tuning, but can serve thousands of customers at once, once we do our *magic*.


Just keep it running well

To keep things running smoothly your online store needs maintenance. You should have experts hired to take care of day-to-day tasks like upgrades to newer versions of Magento or fixing issues customers report. You have a designated doctor even though you don't visit every day, don't you?